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Sealcoating is an easy, inexpensive way to maintain your asphalt.  Sealcoat is a liquid product mixed with a coal based latex additive and sand for added traction.  For residential driveways, the sealcoat is brush applied by hand.  For larger projects such as commercial parking lots, the sealcoat is spray applied.  Sealcoating will greatly improve the appearance of your asphalt, giving it a deeper black color and doing away with the dull, grayed appearance caused by oxidation, sunlight, water and the damaging effects of petroleum derivatives such as oil and gas.



Why should crack filling be performed?     

  • To prevent the intrusion of water into the underlying layers of the pavement structure and, consequently, preventing the further weakening of the pavement.

  • To prevent incompressible materials from entering the crack and causing further deterioration as the pavement expands and contracts with temperature changes.

Which cracks should be treated?

  •  Any crack will allow moisture penetration into the sub-base, so they should all be treated.

  •  We believe Cracks narrower than 3/8 inch should not be filled because there isn’t sufficient space for   the filler to penetrate and adhere to the inner sidewalls.

  •  Extensive cracking or “alligating” should be patched, not filled.

How soon should cracks be filled after they appear?

  •  The sooner the better. At the very longest, within one or two seasons after they appear.

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