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Crack Fill

 Why should crack filling be performed?     

  • To prevent the intrusion of water into the underlying layers of the pavement structure and, consequently, preventing the further weakening of the pavement.

  • To prevent incompressible materials from entering the crack and causing further deterioration as the pavement expands and contracts with temperature changes.

Which cracks should be treated?

  •  Any crack will allow moisture penetration into the sub-base, so they should all be treated.

  •  We believe Cracks narrower than 3/8 inch should not be filled because there isn’t sufficient space for   the filler to penetrate and adhere to the inner sidewalls.

  •  Extensive cracking or “alligating” should be patched, not filled.

How soon should cracks be filled after they appear?

  •  The sooner the better. At the very longest, within one or two seasons after they appear.

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